We cover a wide range of pest and termite control needs for your home, business or commercial real estate.:

Rodent Control

Exclusion is at the heart of any rodent control program, followed by trapping those who have already penetrated the structure. Our premier program also eradicates the feasting insects associated with rodents and sanitizes surfaces affected by rodent urination and defecation.

Fungus Treatment

Your Home's integrity needs protection from wood destroying FUNGUS. This is what could be eating away at your home, Wood Destroying Fungi. Our Professionals will do a complimentary inspection and identify any potential organisms or if your home is conducive to the fungi or not. Pest Control Delhi specializes in Timber applications to wooden structures for the control of wood decay fungi. This priceless service can save your home's integrity and give you peace of mind with your investment. Once we apply the treatment onto your wood or other cellulosic materials, the borate active ingredient creates a protective envelope and remains for years of protection.

Insect Pest Control

Some insects are invaluable – some pollenate plants to give us food, forests and flowers and some clean up refuse before it becomes dangerous to our health. But some insects annoy, some hurt, and some cause serious harm. That's the time to call Pest Control Delhi. At Pest Control Delhi, we employ the most modern techniques and technologies to eliminate or control all insect problems. Our control techniques include the environmentally responsible use of specialized insecticides as well as electronic fly control units, and insect screening. It is the expert evaluation of the infestation problem that is most important in achieving a satisfactory, efficient and economical outcome.


Cockroaches carry a huge host of diseases transferring it to foodstuffs or through their faeces. They multiple rapidly in favorable conditions and often go unnoticed until they become seen during the day which is indicative of a serious infestation as they are predominately a nocturnal insect. Cockroaches rely on water and warmth and this encourages their presence behind freezers, fridges and cookers. These areas are often undisturbed and there is adequate food debris and water supply at hand.

Mist Blowing

Plant protection is a very important aspect of farm houses. This treatment product the small and the big plants form and outside damage caused by different plant insects. the mist spray reaches in every leaf and coat it with insecticide which helps it longevity and protection Use in : Farm houses, big open areas.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are notorious across the whole of the India. They can infest any property or location that supplies an adequate food and water source. Both species multiply extraordinarily quickly and one can become many in only a few weeks. Rats and mice both carry unwanted diseases into our environments. The most famous being leptospirosis or weils disease which is passed to humans when they come into contact with rat urine. Other diseases such as salmonella are also prominent. Rats and mice contaminate food, destroy building structures and cause fires when chewing on electric cables. They are feared and unwelcome in any surroundings.

Anti Termite Wood Borer

Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larvae feed extensively on wood. The adults make tiny pinhead size holes on the wooden surface before flying out. The frass or powder then begins to fall out from these tiny holes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture. Wood Preservative chemicals are injected into the tiny holes created by the wood borers with the help of a syringe. This kills larvae present in the wood. The surface of the wood is also sprayed with chemicals that contain a petroleum base.

Termite Control

Termites work insidiously and before you know it, a lot of valuable furniture, woodwork and paper documents may be damaged irretrievably. We use approved termite eradication chemicals injected into points of entry leading to their nest. The toxic pesticides eliminate termites. In addition, the deep penetration techniques adopted by us result in termites not returning as the chemical barrier obstructs them. We carry out free assessment of your premises and recommend a line of treatment. Once termite control has been carried out, it should be followed up by regular maintenance to keep your premises and property safeguarded against future termite infestation.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are very difficult to track and remove and hence call for expertise in detection and their eradication. We use high vacuum techniques to clean and draw out the pests and their eggs, collecting the dust in special bags and disposing them off safely. This is used in conjunction with application of specific herbal based insecticides to all furniture, especially beds, cracks and crevices where they may hide and throughout the room using special pressure pumps to reach deep. Initial application and extermination is followed up by another maintenance service about a fortnight later and then regular monthly or three-monthly service.

Lizard Control

Lizards are controlled and expelled by removing all unnecessary items where they can hide and also by application of pyrethrin based compounds around the areas they infest to keep them away.

Silverfish, Spider, Ant Control

We use a variety of chemical based treatments on floorings, external surfaces, soil and also furniture as well as cupboards to eliminate silverfish, spiders and ants. In sensitive areas we use environment-friendly, non-hazardous biodegradable herbal based pesticides through fine misting for deeper penetration and long lasting effects.

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